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Rogers: I’ve had death threats over ‘joke’ Kotaku story

Games journalist Tim Rogers has defended his controversial Kotaku story,  ‘I Got My Fashion Sense From Video Games And You Can Too’, after Gameleon asked if it was the worst piece of games journalism ever.

Commenting on Gameleon’s Facebook page Rogers says he’s had death threats from enraged readers taking offence at the article but admitted that plenty of his supporters also failed to get what he was trying to do with the Kotaku article. And what was he trying to do? Be funny, apparently.

“Man, it is HILARIOUS how seriously everyone took that thing… It’s literally amazing that there’s any “debate” about whether this is a parody or not. I understand that my sense of humor is not exactly everyone else’s sense of humor, though to not recognize that so enormous a joke — however labyrinthine and not to your taste — is a joke seems somewhat careless. I mean, if you watch the video, there’s a part one minute in where i am shaving while holding a guitar. I mean, come on. Seriously!”

Rogers says that readers of his stuff should understand this. ”Part of my schtick as a Person Who Sometimes Writes Things has been to appear (sometimes obsessively) dead serious about the subject, though in a way that defies logic just long enough to allow the reader to conclude, ‘Oh, he’s having a bit of fun, there.’”

Although he does admit that this piece went further than he’s gone before. “This time, I upped the potency to a dizzying degree, expecting that everyone would get the joke — or at least get that it was a joke, even if they didn’t find it particularly funny. Then I noticed that many people who I know for a fact are NOT jerks didn’t get the joke.”

Joke or not it seems that plenty of people took it seriously. “Usually I look at the comments on these pieces, and the ones that don’t ‘get it’ amuse me greatly. The ones that DO get it amuse me as well, on a different level. This time, however, the ones that don’t get it didn’t quite amuse me as much. Their not getting of “it” was weirdly hostile. Usually the not getting it manifests itself as ‘wtf is this’. This time, there were commenters saying that I should be dead. I mean — that sentiment was repeated over and over again. That’s a little creepy.”

As we said to Tim (you can see the full transcript over at the Facebook page) we’re not sure that we get the ‘joke’. Do you?






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One Response:

  1. tim rogers says:

    and stop calling me a “game journalist”!

    i have a job, you know.


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