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Is this the worst piece of games journalism ever?

On September 26th 2011 at 2pm Kotaku published ‘I Got My Fashion Sense From Video Games And You Can Too’ by Tim Rogers, a wannabe controversial writer who is clearly keen to push his reputation as far as he can.

A personal piece, ‘I Got My Fashion Sense From Video Games And You Can Too’ – captioned ‘Steal this Look’ – is about the gaming influences on Rogers’ sartorial style.

Whether it’s actually the worst thing ever written I don’t know (there’s a lot of bad writing out there on much lower profile sites) but it’s certainly a steaming pile of self-indulgent nonsense.

Some highlights:

“In Tokyo, we sure did have some adventures! We were jerks, and I was certainly the bigger jerk of us.”

“My guitar goes best, if I do say so myself, with the green strap and a purple jacket, or with a red strap and a purple jacket. I make all these decisions in the back of my mind, so I am not a poser or a faker.”

“I use a comb made of apricot wood. It’s really good about getting through the hair without generating static electricity.”

You’ll also find tips on shaving, some chat about tracksuits and the knowledge that Rogers has a lot of T-shirts. There was some debate on Twitter about this piece – and all his writing – being a some kind of parody. We can but hope.

Some of the other things said on Twitter:

“Self-absorbed like a big dull black hole” - @timothydclark

“You can steal my look”? What if I don’t want to look like a self-congratulatory c***? – @xeroxeroxero

“Tim Rogers is visual tinnitus” @BenKuchera

“I consider it a sign of a successfully cultivated Twitter list that not a single person on it has linked to any Tim Rogers article” – @robfahey

Or, as one comment on the story says, “Time to stop posting Tim…”

What do you think? Love Rogers’ style and already out sourcing a blue guitar to sit on your lap while you write? Let us know.

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2 Responses:

  1. Lee Garbutt says:

    It’s these kind of articles that stopped me from reading Kotaku a long time ago. I’m finding a lot of the other gaming blogs doing the same kind of thing.

    I’m all for gaming publications to have their own personalities, but there are so many self-indulgent egotistical pricks writing on these sites that I can’t read them anymore.

  2. [...] Game journalist Tim Rogers has defended his controversial Kotaku story,  ‘I Got My Fashion Sense From Video Games And You Can Too’, after Gameleon asked if it was the worst piece of games journalism ever. [...]

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