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CalmDownTom At CalmDownTom, we tend to get carried away when we talk about games. They are our escapism, our sport, our passion, and our lives. When we write about them we give our honest opinions and we never shy away from telling you what we really think.

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  • Rogers: I’ve had death threats over ‘joke’ Kotaku story


    Games journalist Tim Rogers has defended his controversial Kotaku story,  ‘I Got My Fashion Sense From Video Games And You Can Too’, after Gameleon asked if it was the worst piece of games journalism ever. Commenting on Gameleon’s Facebook page Rogers says he’s had death threats from enraged readers taking offence at the article but [...]

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  • Is this the worst piece of games journalism ever?


    On September 26th 2011 at 2pm Kotaku published ‘I Got My Fashion Sense From Video Games And You Can Too’ by Tim Rogers, a wannabe controversial writer who is clearly keen to push his reputation as far as he can. A personal piece, ‘I Got My Fashion Sense From Video Games And You Can Too’ [...]

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  • Welcome to your new Gameleon


    Hello and welcome to a new phase in the development of Gameleon. Gameleon is the world’s leading games press network – a place for games journalists and gamer site owners to meet, share and and look for or post jobs. If yo’re not a member already please join up by hitting the ‘register’ button. If [...]

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  • GMAs – the nominations

    Some ducks

    We’re a big supporter of Intent Media’s annual Games Media Awards and will be sponsoring the ‘Legend’ category this year.

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